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Editing photos within Lyve

Explains how to edit photos with LyveOn iOS or Android devices, you can edit and enhance your photos, right from within Lyve.

To edit a photo:

Just open the photo within Lyve from any view.
Tap on the pencil icon along the lower edge of the screen.
Now you’re in the Lyve photo editor. Just swipe along the lower edge of the screen to see all of the options available to you.
With the editor, you can crop, enhance and rotate your pictures, apply filters and effects, add text, or even draw a mustache on your 4-year old. Wait, don’t do that last one. That’s weird.

All edits you make are “non-destructive”, meaning, they won’t affect the original photo. In fact, when you have perfected your edit, just tap Apply and Lyve will create a new, edited copy of the original photo and drop it into your Lyve collection with the same date and time as the original, plus any tags you’ve applied. The new edit of your photo is also saved to your device camera roll.

So get creative, and go to town! The Lyve photo editor is meant to be a fun (and powerful!) way to enhance your photo collection.