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How do I manage my Lyve account?

Using a web browser to log in to your Lyve account allows you to:

  • Recover your password if you've forgotten it.
  • Remove devices which you no longer use (or want associated with your Lyve account). Also remove device duplicates, if you have them.
  • Change your Lyve account details, such as name and password.
  • View and edit your Lyve privacy and email preferences.
  • View and edit the Lyve Cloud Storage settings.
  • Completely reset your Lyve account.

To recover your password: Type in your account name and select the 'Forgot password?' option:

User-added image

To remove devices: Log in to your account. Click on the x icon next to the device you wish to remove. Select Remove to confirm:

Important Note: When you remove a Lyve HomeLyve Studio, or Lyve Drivedevice from your account, any photos present on those devices will be deletedimmediately for those devices currently online, or after the device comes back online.

To change your name, password, and other account information: Log in to your account, click on Settings at the top of the page, then make your changes.

To edit your email or privacy preferences: Log in, click on Settings at the top of the page, then make your changes.

To reset your Lyve account: First, reset your current Lyve account and Lyve Apps:

  1. (Lyve Home owners only) Factory reset your Lyve Home by navigating to Settings > General > About > Factory Reset and then follow the onscreen instructions. 
  2. Reset your Lyve Apps on your Mac or Windows computers. 
  3. Remove all of the devices in your account via your Lyve account web page. Once you've performed this step, your account will have no devices associated with it.

Next, recreate your Lyve account:

  1. Create a new account using the Lyve App, or using your Lyve Home (if you own one). You can still use the same email address you used previously.
  2. Within the Lyve App on all of your devices or computers, log into the new account you just created.

To edit your Cloud Storage settings (Lyve Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive owners only): These settings allow Lyve to store lightweight, encrypted, and super-compressed copies (or, “thumbnails”) of your photos. Having this setting on enables Lyve to quickly move lightweight versions of your photos between your devices. Plus, if you own a Google Chromecast, having this setting on allows you to ‘cast’ your photos to your TV wirelessly. We have it turned ON by default, to allow Lyve to easily generate those mobile-optimized photos, but you can turn it OFF if you'd rather not use this service. Lyve has no access to your photos, regardless of whether or not this service is on.

For Lyve app users who do NOT have a Home, Studio, or Lyve Drive, this service defaults to on at all times and is not adjustable, as the Lyve app experience is dependent on the thumbnail service. Unless you own one of those devices, you won't even see the Cloud Storage setting when logged in to your Lyve Account.

Note: These thumbnails are not a copy of your original full-resolution photo. So, don't delete the originals... Unless, of course you are backed up with a Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive!

Note: Your Lyve account is tied to the email address you used to create it. It’s not possible to create a brand new account using a previously-used email address - however, you can reset your account using the article above.