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How do I perform a factory reset of my Lyve Studio?

Very rarely, you may need to perform a factory reset of your Lyve Studio. Performing a factory reset will return your Lyve Studio back to it’s “out-of-the-box” state, so there are some important factors to consider.
When it collects photos and videos from all of your devices, Lyve Studio creates copies of those files. A factory reset of Lyve Studio will erase its internal hard drive where those copies are stored.

With a factory reset, any photos or videos which are not present on other devices (your external drives, smartphones, tablets or computers) will be deleted. When considering a factory reset, please understand that all of the photos and videos on your Lyve Studio will be deleted when you initiate the reset, so please make sure you have copies of these photos and videos on other sources.

When you're sure you're ready to perform the factory reset and clear your Lyve Studio, you’ll remove your Lyve Studio from your Lyve Account (Under certain circumstances, the Lyve app may offer you the option of resetting as well, but the result will be the same - all of the photos and videos present on the Lyve Studio will be erased). Read this article to learn how to log in to your account and remove devices: How do I manage my Lyve account?

When you remove your Lyve Studio from your Lyve Account, it will immediately begin reformatting itself. During this time, you will see the light on the front of the Lyve Studio cycling between blue, orange, and white colors. Depending on the size of your Lyve collection, this process may take several minutes to complete, but eventually the light on the front of the Lyve Studio will return to a blinking blue state. When you see that blinking blue light, you can proceed with setting up the Lyve Studio from scratch.