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How to use Lyve Mix

Available within the free Lyve app, Mix is the easiest way to enjoy and share photos from personal gatherings, both during and after the event. Mix is great for sharing photos at weddings, birthday parties, or any event where guests are taking lots of photos with their phones. Everyone at the event wants a copy of those memories, but unfortunately, sharing those photos is typically a chore - using e-mail or someone’s cloud storage, or broadcast on a social network. With Mix, you don’t have to worry about any of that - just open Lyve when you’re at the party, join the Mix, and start sharing. Everyone in the Mix can see all of the photos taken by other Mix participants and can save those photos back to their Lyve account with one tap.


The free Lyve App, running on an Android or iOS device running Android 4.1 or later, or iOS 7.x or later. Kindle devices are not supported.

Starting a Mix

The start of a Mix is based on a time and place but participants can continue to contribute to the event after they have moved locations or the event has ended. Participants who aren’t in the same location can join the Mix remotely via a text or email invitation sent from the Mix Share button. Just tap Mix within the Lyve Menu to create a new Mix and give your Mix a name (or join a nearby Mix already created by someone else):

User-added image

Tap Done after naming your Mix and you’re ready to start sharing your Mix with others, via text, email, Twitter or Facebook. By default, your Mix is public for anyone nearby and will use your device’s current location and time as a start time for the event, but you can change all of those details by tapping Edit in the upper right corner of the main Mix window:

User-added image

In the Edit window of a Mix you can:

  • Alter the location and start/end times of a Mix.
  • Set a Mix to last all day.
  • Set a Mix as Private, and set a password for the Mix.
  • Move the Mix to a different location and/or a time in the future.

Adding photos to a Mix

Once you’ve joined a Mix, there are two ways to add your photos to it - either via Lyve’s in-app camera (iOS-only at this time), or using the “+” button in the Mix (iOSand Android):

User-added image

You can choose whether to share a particular photo taken with the in-app camera by toggling the “Add to..” switch on or off. Both Android and iOS users can always add photos at a later time by tapping the “+” button in the Mix main window. This is handy if you’d like to add photos taken by a DSLR which you’ve imported into Lyve, or if you’ve forgotten to add a few photos via Lyve’s in-app camera, for instance.

Adding participants to a Mix

To invite others to a Mix, just tap the Share Mix button on the main page of your Mix, or tap Send Invite from the participant list:

User-added image

Invites to the Mix sent over text or email will include a link to join the Mix from any location.

Note: Facebook invite notices are not available for Android users at this time.

We want you to have fun with Mix! During this introductory period you can have as many as 500 participants per Mix, with up to 10,000 photos total. That's a big party!

Saving and sharing photos from a Mix

During the Mix, everyone sees all of the photos taken as they are added - it’s a live stream of what is happening at the event. But chances are, you’re having way too much fun to keep your nose stuck in a phone - that’s why Mix makes it easy to grab the photos you want to save and share after you get home!

After the Mix is over, participants can continue to add photos to the Mix and can also continue to save photos to their Lyve account. Photos saved from a Mix to your Lyve account are automatically tagged with the name of the Mix and appear in the Tags menu within Lyve (across all of your devices). To save photos from a Mix to your Lyve account, just tap Select to choose the ones you want, then tap the Download button:

User-added image

You can also select and share photos from a Mix. Just choose the ones you want, then tap the Share button:

User-added image

Photos saved from a Mix to your Lyve account will appear in your Digest View, Timeline, Moments Past, etc., on all of your devices (including the Lyve App on Mac and Windows).

Other notes about Mix

  • The participant list is also a handy way to check who is currently in the Mix.
  • Photos added to a Mix are stored in the cloud. If you’ve deactivated cloud storage in your Lyve Account, creating or sharing a Mix will result in the Mix photos being saved in the cloud, however none of the other photos in your account will be saved in the cloud.
  • Photos saved/downloaded from a Mix are high-resolution (2000 pixels on the longest side of the photo). Although they may not be the full resolution of the original, they are great for viewing on phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and printing up to 8x10 posters.
  • Videos are not supported at this time within Mix.