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Using Lyve with an older Mac or Windows system

So, your computer has an older or incompatible operating system that doesn’t meet the Lyve App system requirements? If you have photos and videos on those older systems that you’d like to import into Lyve, don’t despair - there are still a few options!

If you own a Lyve Home, here’s a simple workaround: Just attach a USB hard drive (or SD card) to your computer, then transfer your photos and videos to that drive. You may then plug that drive or SD card directly into the back of your Lyve Home, which will automatically begin the process of importing and de-duplicating your photos and videos. After that process has finished, all of your memories are now available to the free Lyve App on your mobile devices (or computers with compatible operating systems). Plus, you can safely stash that USB drive away as a convenient backup of those photos and videos.

If you don’t own a Lyve Home, you can still transfer photos and videos over to a drive and then attach that drive to any newer computer running a compatible OS. You’ll then need to copy those photos and videos to a folder on that newer computer, as the Lyve App only works with folders which are present on your computer’s internal drive. Once your stuff is in a folder on a compatible computer (with Lyve installed), you can either drag and drop that folder into the Lyve App or set up a “watched folder”. Check out these articles for more details:
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