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What is the USB port on Lyve Home used for?

What is the USB port on Lyve Home used for?

Attaching a USB hard drive ('HDD') or thumbdrive to the USB 2.0 port on the back of Lyve Home will enable you to quickly and easily collect any photos and videos present on those drives.

This enables you to consolidate content scattered across various drives into your Lyve account. Once your photos and videos are on the Lyve Home, they are available to all of your devices and computers via the Lyve App, anytime, because the Lyve Home is an always-on device.

To get started, just plug the drive in to the back of your Lyve Home and Lyve will automatically collect the photos and videos from the attached USB hard drive, prepare a mobile optimized version of them, and copy them into your Lyve account and onto your Lyve Home.

After Lyve completes this process, your photos and videos will be available to all of your mobile devices or computers using the Lyve App.

Using a USB 2.0 drive to back up your Lyve Home

You can also create a full backup of your Lyve Home with a supported USB 2.0 hard drive. Check out our article titled How to back up your Lyve Home to a USB drive to learn more.

Why is the size of the drive important?

Drives larger than 2TB in capacity are not supported at this time, and drives which have less capacity than 500GB in size are typically older (USB 1.0) and may not allow your Lyve Home to properly import photos and videos.