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What to do before you start with Lyve: Using iPhoto

Explains using iphotoWhat to do before you start with Lyve: Using iPhoto

Do you use iPhoto on your Mac to manage your photo and video library? Here are some tips and topics to help you optimize iPhoto for the best experience with Lyve. (Using Photos for OS X? Check out this article.)

Make sure you're up to date
For the best experience with Lyve, verify that your Macintosh computer is running Mac OS X 10.9 or later. You'll also want to verify that you have iPhoto 9.6 or later.

For other requirements, including the appropriate software versions for your mobile devices, see the Lyve Tech Specs page.

iPhoto Library location
By default, the Lyve app for Mac integrates with iPhoto and will look in your Pictures folder for your iPhoto Library. For the best results, make sure your iPhoto Library is located in that default location on your internal drive:

User-added image
If you have multiple libraries, Lyve will sync the library most recently opened using iPhoto.

Note that Lyve doesn't support iPhoto Libraries located on external drives at this time - your iPhoto Library must be located on your internal drive. If you attach a USB drive containing an iPhoto Library to your Lyve Home, by default, Lyve will pull in ALL of the image files within that iPhoto Library, of which there are many unnecessary duplicates, thumbnails, and edits. Yuck.

How Lyve handles duplicates

Lyve will copy any photos that are present in your iPhoto library, and if you happen to have duplicate photos and videos, Lyve helps out by importing only ONE of these originals, as long as the file data is identical.

For more information on how Lyve handles duplicates, check out Why do I see duplicate photos in Lyve? and How do I remove photos I don't want in Lyve?.

Emptying iPhoto trash

You may have lots of images still stored in your iPhoto trash file, and unless you empty that trash, Lyve will import those images.

Before you empty the iPhoto trash, you should review it's contents to make sure that they are images you intended to delete:

User-added image

To permanently remove items from iPhoto, select the photo, click Command-Delete; then go to the iPhoto menu and select Empty iPhoto Trash. You will be asked to confirm the deletion.

Set the correct time and date before you import

When creating your collection, Lyve works best when your photos and videos have the proper date and time data associated with them. Most digital cameras print the correct date and time to the photo and video file, so for most of your collection, you may not need to change anything.

Any photos or videos on your iOS or Android devices will automatically have the date and time correctly recorded to them.

If you find that you need to adjust the date and time of any images within iPhoto, first select them, and then, from the menu bar, choose Photos>Adjust Date and Time. In the popup menu, enter the correct date and time. There are also batch operations you can do to change the date for entire groups of pictures. For more info, please see the iPhoto Support article iPhoto 9.5: Change a photo’s name, description, and other information.

Note that setting the correct date and time applies only to photos and videos that have not yet been collected or copied to Lyve. Changing the date and time of iPhoto content already copied over to Lyve will have no effect, unless you remove it from Lyve and re-import it.

Other tools for batch processing your photos and videos

There are plenty of third-party applications available that will conveniently allow you to change the date, time, location, and other data for any photo or video. While not in any way necessary for using Lyve, you may find these helpful if you need to change a bunch of files. Here are just a few popular third-party apps and workflows:

Adobe Bridge

A Better Finder Attributes

Photo Time Edit & Photo Meta Edit

Discrepancy between iPhoto file count and your Lyve file count?

Check out this article for more information: Why is the photo count in iPhoto different than in Lyve?