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Where does Lyve store my photos and videos?

Information on where Lyve stores photos and video.Where does Lyve store my photos and videos?

On it's own, the free Lyve app does not store or protect your photos or videos. The Lyve app de-duplicates your collection and displays a single, consolidated library accessible from your various mobile devices and computers, and allows you to easily sort, edit, and creatively share your photos from every device that has Lyve installed.

All of your photos are optimized for each mobile device's screen, and the original resolution photos are always available as well, provided that the phone, tablet or computer which has those originals is awake and online (with the Lyve app installed).

If you add a Lyve Home, Lyve Studio, or Lyve Drive to your account you aren't limited to viewing content from devices which are online and awake, because Lyve Home and Studio are always online, and in your control!