Why will my iOS videos not playback on my Android device?

One of the great things about Lyve is that it automatically brings together the content scattered across your mobile devices, computers, and drives into one always-accessible and organized collection. You can access this collection, including your personal videos, from any device Lyve is installed on.

However, not all mobile device operating systems support all types of video content. You might have some content that plays back within Lyve on your iOS device that will not play back within Lyve on your Android device. 

While it's rare, some video formats are proprietary in nature, so playback may be limited to either iOS or Android devices. Regardless of the format, or even the ability to playback a specific video type on your operating system, Lyve will still collect and protect those videos in your account. Just note that you may only be able to view those proprietary video types on the supported operating system.