Only Seagate and Maxtor products distributed by Seagate authorized distributors in India are eligible for warranty service at this SeaCare™ Center. Drives distributed outside of India must be returned within the original country of distribution. Drives purchased as part of a system built or sold by an original equipment manufacturer must be returned to that original equipment manufacturer.


What Do Our Warranties Usually Cover? Our limited warranties cover defects in material or workmanship in new Seagate or Maxtor products. Please see the limited consumer warranty that accompanied your product for the specific warranty terms that apply to your product.


What Does Our Warranty Not Cover? Our warranties do not cover any problem that is caused by (a) commercial use; accident; abuse; neglect; shock; electrostatic discharge; heat or humidity beyond product specifications; improper installation; operation; maintenance or modification; or (b) any misuse contrary to the instructions in the user manual; or (c) loss passwords; or (d) malfunctions caused by other equipment. Our limited warranties are void if a product is returned with removed, damaged or tampered labels or any alterations (including removal of any component or external cover).


No Data Recovery: Data recovery is not covered under the warranty and is not part of the repair or exchange process.