Storage Strategies for the Data-Driven Enterprise

Managing data at scale is becoming an increasingly complex endeavor for the distributed enterprise. To capitalize on current and future business opportunities, enterprises must implement a strategy to efficiently manage mass data across cloud, edge, and endpoint environments. This white paper draws from a global survey of IT decision makers to offer key insights and recommendations that will help enterprises future-proof data management for mass storage, migration, and movement of data.

Takeaway One

IT Leaders Prefer Hybrid Architecture

Hybrid architectures that utilize both centralized and edge-based storage resources were identified as IT decision makers’ preferred deployment model—a critical element of data management strategy.

Takeaway Two

Physical Data Transfers Overcome Network Constraints

99% of survey respondents report moving data between distributed storage locations across their organizations, with most using physical data transfer.

Takeaway Three

Enterprises Want Predictable Storage TCO

99% of survey respondents say they incur planned or unplanned egress fees. On average, these charges comprise roughly 6% of an enterprise’s public cloud storage bill.

Takeaway Four

Storage Management is Increasingly Complex

When it comes to data storage both on premises and in operational edge locations, storage management complexity is the number-one challenge facing enterprises.