Do More Colorado Rockies rely on Seagate Storage

Seagate GoFlex hard disc drives help Colorado Rockies capture, share and archive videos


Speed, reliability and outstanding performance.

They are all key attributes that Major League Baseball coaches and scouts look for when evaluating prospective players or opponents. They are also must–have qualities for hard drives, which is why the Colorado Rockies choose Seagate storage products.

The team uses several Seagate GoFlex (now transitioned to Backup Plus) external drives to capture, share and archive lots of video footage – whether it's of a top high–school or college prospect, a minor–league player or a big league star.

Pitchers and catchers rely on video to break down a hitter's strengths and weaknesses. Hitters, in turn, use video to study an opposing pitcher's mechanics and tendencies, hoping to gain an extra edge the next time they step into the batter's box. And coaches use it as a vital instructional tool, showing players how to correct past mistakes and build on their successes.

“Fast and Dependable”

“We want to give our players and coaching staff reliable, timely information,” says Rockies video coordinator, Brian Jones. “Seagate drives are very fast and very dependable. We’ve never had a drive failure.”

The Rockies have used Seagate drives since 2007, the year when they went to the World Series. When Brian Jones heard about the Company's new GoFlex drives, he did not think twice about switching to Seagate's next generation of external storage. The GoFlex family includes a unique design for switching interfaces for faster transfer speeds, along with greater capacity options and a smaller footprint.

Today, the Rockies use a variety of 1TB and 500GB GoFlex ultra–portable drives for convenient storage on the go, along with the roomier 2TB drives. Using the GoFlex Desk, for example, Brian Jones estimates that the Rockies can store nearly a full season's worth of video, including every pitch and swing from every Major League game.

“We travel with three of the 2TB Desk drives," Brian Jones explains. “We want access to as much video as we need, just as if we are at home with our servers.”

Plug–and–Play Design

The ability to easily swap out a GoFlex drive's standard USB 2.0 interface for a speedier USB 3.0 (which delivers transfer speeds up to 10 times faster) connection is another big game changer for Brian Jones.

“I’ve definitely noticed quicker access and download speeds with USB 3.0," he says. “It gives me faster, more efficient access to all the data stored on our PCs. The quicker we can get video to our players and coaches, the better. We're always in a time crunch, and Seagate makes my job that much easier.”

Mr Jones will load video footage on to a player's laptop – or iPad or iPod if they prefer. The Rockies' coaches and scouts, meanwhile, use a compact GoFlex ultra-portable drive for “anytime, anywhere” access to their files. The drives come preloaded with continuous backup and encryption software to keep content safe and secure.

“I give Brian my Seagate drive before going out on a road trip,” says longtime Rockies pitching coach Bob Apodaca, “and he gives it back to me the same day, loaded with all the information I need to help our pitchers get ready. The GoFlex drive is very portable and easy to use. I can use it to review video on a plane or when I’m back home in Denver.”

The team’s hitting coach, Carney Lansford, also appreciates the dependable performance of Seagate storage.

“I can’t say enough about how important it is to have reliable equipment,” says Mr Lansford, who won a World Series title as a third baseman with the Oakland Athletics in 1989. “Our video team depends on the speed and reliability of Seagate, and I depend on it too.”

Watch a video to learn more about how the Colorado Rockies use Seagate’s drives.

- By Steve Pipe


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Colorado Rockies rely on Seagate Storage

GoFlex external hard drives give the team speed and reliability

Colorado Rockies rely on Seagate Storage

GoFlex external hard drives give the team speed and reliability

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