Do More: March Networks' Applications Deliver Reliable Video Storage 24/7 for Mobile

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As a leading provider of IP video solutions, March Networks offers robust video storage for surveillance systems to clients around the world. With a portfolio that includes high definition IP and analogue cameras, high performance hybrid NVRs, powerful video management system (VMS) software and intelligent software applications, March Networks helps fill the surveillance needs of high-profile banks, retailers and transportation entities.

More than 450 financial institutions worldwide rely on March Networks’ video surveillance solutions. In this market, enterprise-class recording systems with centralised storage management enhance security, making it easier to capture video evidence that helps identify fraudulent activity and reduce overall losses. With this in mind, customers often require solutions that can store from seven days to six months of video content.

March Networks’ retail solutions deliver value to speciality merchandisers, local shops and superstore chain operators, and fast food restaurants that typically require standalone surveillance recorders to store a week to 60 days of video content. In some regions of the world, customers are only permitted to store 24 to 48 hours of content at a time, allowing them to take advantage of higher video resolutions. By addressing these requirements with surveillance products from March Networks, customers can successfully reduce risk and financial loss, and improve overall performance.

Reliable Video Storage 24/7 for Mobile Needs

For bus and rail fleet operators everywhere, mobility is key. Clients like the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) rely on March Networks’ applications for around-the-clock uptime, reliability and vibration tolerance. In 2009, the TTC’s March Networks mobile solution caught video of an arsonist pulling a large red can from his backpack, removing the cap and pouring petrol over the seats of a public bus before lighting it on fire. The clear, high quality video evidence helped local police identify and capture the arsonist and file charges, all in the same day.

To ensure consistent storage reliability for customers in these market segments, March Networks uses drives suited to its particular surveillance offerings. Seagate’s line of HDDs are a natural choice for the company.

Seagate Drives Provide Durable, Flexible Solutions 

For retail and banking environments, March Networks implements Seagate® Video 3.5 HDDs (formerly Pipeline HD®). These drives provide reliable, 24×7 operation and capacities up to 4TB, with low-power profiles and affordable price points for the company and its clients.

March Networks introduced Seagate Surveillance HDD (formerly SV35 Series) drives into its fixed recording products for retail and banking customers. According to Todd Robinson, product line manager at March Networks, adoption of these drives was prompted by their low failure rate, high capacity (up to 4TB) and affordability. 

The Surveillance HDD provides durable and reliable performance and is tuned to handle the high write workloads of March Networks’ 24×7 video surveillance systems.”
—Todd Robinson, March Networks


To address the needs of transportation clients, March Networks utilises Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDDs (formerly Constellation® ES) in its mobile product offerings. With enhanced rotational vibration tolerance, these drives give predictable
performance even in the most rugged multi-drive environments.

Using the Seagate portfolio of industry-leading video surveillance drives, March Networks achieves the storage features it needs to save money, optimise performance and improve
reliability in all of its surveillance applications.



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