Do More Storage Is a Potent Weapon for Protecting Endangered Species

Seagate hard drives help Xi Zhinong accumulate images and digital assets for his Wild China Film studio.

Celebrated wildlife photographer Xi Zhinong depends on Seagate storage products in his work to document China’s endangered species.

Xi uses several of Seagate’s new 1TB Backup Plus portable hard drives to protect and share his stunning images of monkeys, antelope, pandas, dolphins and many other animals. He also uses a roomy 3TB GoFlex Desk drive to backup large video files, along with a 500GB Seagate Satellite™ to wirelessly stream video and photos to his tablet or smart phone while he’s on the go.

From the rugged Hoh Xil Nature Reserve, home to yaks, wild donkeys and the dwindling Tibetan antelope, to the Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve in China’s southwest Yunnan Province, where snub-nosed monkeys huddle on tree limbs, Xi’s photos and videos capture animals in their natural habitats—and draw our attention to how precarious those environments are becoming.

He was one of the first to report the killings of Tibetan antelope by poachers, and his work has helped raise greater public awareness about the need to protect the fragile ecosystem of the Yangtze River.

Educate and Motivate

Xi says photography can be a “potent weapon” in educating people about these animals’ plights—and in motivating them to take an active role in caring for the environment.

Xi’s efforts have earned him numerous awards, including a 2000 Earth Award, considered China’s highest environmental honor, and BG Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His work has appeared in National Geographic and other publications, and his wildlife documentaries have aired throughout China and across the globe.

Digital recording is particularly important for Wild China Film, as it needs to store, backup, and frequently access and edit high-definition images. Designed for application-intensive purposes, Seagate’s 1.5-TB Barracuda desktop hard drive helps the studio handle a huge number of digital images with ease during the editing and post-production phases.

The drive’s fast performance—up to 120MB per second sustained data rate, with a 32-MB cache buffer—means there’s no delay in accessing photos or any other content stored on the drive. It also consumes up to 43 percent less power than older Barracuda products, without sacrificing performance.

“We have complete confidence in the Barracuda drive’s reliability, and we also appreciate its environmentally-friendly features,” adds Xi.

Protecting the environment is his passion; ensuring that his digital files are protected is equally important to Xi.

“In the early days before digital cameras, I always hesitated to press the shutter in case I ran out of film and missed a better scene,” he recalled at a recent press conference in Beijing. “Today, I can take as many photos as I want. I don’t have to worry about those photos because I know they are well-protected by Seagate hard drives.”

– By Kelly Zhang


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