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Solution Offering

The Series 4 model is relatively small; it measures 1.3 by 4.3 by 3.9 inches (HWD) and has a gloss black top and a matt black base (no hot pink this time around). It takes some manoeuvring but the top pops off to reveal a single USB 2.0 port as well as power and data connectors for a 2.5 inch SATA/USM hard drive. At the back, there are two USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet port and a power socket. The front sports an activity LED that glows green when the device is connected to the Pogoplug service and red when it is not connected. An SD card slot is located on the left side of the base.

Why Seagate?

The Series 4 model also features plug-and-play support for Seagate GoFlex external drives or any other USM-compliant product.

Company Description

Pogoplug provides secure and private cloud storage solutions: a Personal Cloud that you can touch. Pogoplug PC runs on any computer and makes its content accessible and sharable from anywhere. For users who want to access and share content without relying on a PC, Pogoplug sells devices that make the contents of any attached hard drive, SD card or thumb drive available online. Pogoplug Team is a service upgrade that enables small to medium-sized businesses and teams to access, back up and share work files securely and privately from a branded interface, no additional hardware required.