Mission Critical Storage

Enterprise performance drives (2.5-inch HDD and SSD) are optimized for transactional data access at the fastest response times.

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  • Enterprise Performance 15K HDD
  • Enterprise Performance 10K HDD
Ideal For
High Performance Computing, Tier 0/1 Performance Servers, Mission Critical, DAS, SAN, NAS, OLTP and Database High Performance Computing, Dense storage arrays, Mission Critical, DAS, SAN, NAS OLTP and Database
600GB, 300GB, 146GB 1.8TB, 1.2TB, 900GB, 600GB, 450GB, 300GB
12GB/s SAS 12GB/s SAS
Form Factor
2.5-inch 2.5-inch
2M Hour MTBF, 0.44% AFR, 1 per 10E16 UER 2M Hour MTBF, 0.44% AFR, 1 per 10E16 UER
Sector Formats
512N, 512E and 4KN 512N, 512E and 4KN
Sequential Read/Writes MB/s
244 to 168 215 to 108
SED, FIPS, TurboBoost SED, FIPS, TurboBoost

Enterprise Performance 10K HDD

300GB – 1.8TB

The ideal 1.8TB SAS drive for data center applications needing high capacities and mission critical reliability.

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Enterprise Performance 15K HDD

146GB – 900GB

12Gb/s SAS drives for blade, rack and tower servers with Seagate Secure and enhanced cache for reliably faster time-to-data.

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1200.2 SAS SSD

200GB – 3840GB

Next-generation high-capacity SAS SSD designed with multiple endurance offerings to match needs of a wide range of enterprise applications delivers ultra-fast performance that exceeds 12Gb single port bandwidth.

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