Step 1 – Get an evaluation

Call us for a consultation. We’ll help you determine if In-Lab Recovery is the best option for you.


Step 2 – Pay an evaluation fee

Pay a fixed evaluation fee of US$99 for express recovery service or $US149 for priority recovery service. This pre collected fee will be applied to the total recovery cost at the time of billing.


Step 3 – Send us your drive

Ship your drive(s) to our lab (shipping is included) for us to work on your equipment. Just package the drive following our shipping guidelines and we cover the transportation to our lab (select areas only).


Step 4 – Receive an evaluation report

We will send an evaluation report detailing your failure issues. See a sample evaluation report on the right.


Step 5 – Follow your case and get your data back

Its easy to check your case status through our online Customer Portal, or you can contact one of our Customer Service representatives if you have questions about your case or the data recovery process.

Once your data is recovered, we will apply the pre collected evaluation fee to the total cost of the data recovery service invoice.

Call a Recovery Specialist

1.800.475.0143 | US and Canada