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As the need for data storage continues to explode, enterprise and cloud architects and data center managers are challenged to deliver the highest quality of service at the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). Seagate is committed to helping you:

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  • (Video) Seagate Nytro – High Performance Flash Devices

    Purpose-built for the demanding hyperscale and mega datacenters, Seagate’s Nytro XP6200 series delivers accelerated performance for read-intensive applications, optimized power and thermals, and an overall lower cost per gigabyte PCIe flash solution. By plugging flash directly into the server’s PCIe slot, these cards can help improve performance and reduce the physical space needed to support […] ...

    Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Giant Video Files? Three Things Your System Needs

    Video is huge. The file sizes, I mean. Video professionals typically work with very big file sizes. And as most small-business owners and IT managers know first-hand — downloading, accessing and sharing those massive files can mean a serious drag on the workflow. The staff at Aspen 82, a video-production company in Aspen, Colorado, knows […] ...

    Smart Business, best small business nas, data storage for small business, NAS
  • Yes, Your Photos Are Important, but Now What?

    Why do you to take photographs? If you surf on the Internet some of the answers you’re likely to find will include: Embarrassing (or celebratory) moments An #OOTD (outfit of the day for you non-millenials) or self portrait And of course, food On the surface, these could be meaningless, but if you take another look […] ...

    The Digital Den, apps, Cloud Storage, external-hard-drives
  • Calculating Bandwidth for Data Replication

    Data replication is often a critical step when initiating a new backup service. Therefore it is an important part of the planning process, prior to implementation. This post will review a few items to consider, as you develop your data replication strategy and provide a short case study from a large healthcare organization that recently […] ...

    Intelligent Infrastructure