Data Center Management Costs and Operational Efficiency

The costs of designing, deploying, operating, and supporting data centers continue to rise. Seagate services, features, and platforms enable you to increase operational efficiency by driving unneeded cost out of the data center.

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Lower Data Center TCO:

PowerChoice™ Technology

Curb concerns over both the financial and environmental costs of ever-increasing data center power use.
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Instant Secure Erase

Reduce the time it takes to retire or repurpose a hard drive from days to mere seconds.
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RAID Rebuild™ Technology

Recover a high-capacity RAID sets faster and less error-prone.
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Data Protection, Encryption and Secure Drive Technology

Nearly all drives eventually leave the data center and their owners’ control; in fact, Seagate estimates that 50,000 drives are retired from data centers daily. Corporate data resides on such drives, and when most leave the data center, the data they contain is still readable
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Seagate Self-Encrypting Drive technology helps data center management reduce the risk of data breach.
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Cloud Storage Insights

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Cloud Platform Architecture and Modeling

Open Source Hardware and Software

Innovating for the cloud will not happen in a vacuum. Cloud solutions brought to market must be the result of a collaborative effort among suppliers, partners, and end customers. Seagate joined OpenStack and Open Compute Project to partner with industry leaders to define and promote open source standards for cloud computing

Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform

“With the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform, our internal R&D teams have designed an unique, first-of-its-kind storage architecture to enable cheaper, more scalable object storage solutions that free up IT professionals from having to invest in hardware and software they don’t need— while empowering them with the most innovative storage technology available.” —Rocky Pimentel, Seagate CMO. Read more >

Cloud Technology News
  • CO.ALITION’s Smart Backpack with Wireless Storage on ABC Show “Shark Tank”

    One of our most interesting partners in design is a brilliant startup called CO.ALITION — a company whose founders have devoted their lives to finding the best ways for people to carry what’s important to them. That’s right, they make bags and backpacks — what’s so brilliant about that? How about a backpack with an […] ...

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  • What Does 10 Years of Security Storage Innovation Look Like?

    A&S Magazine, the leading international security industry magazine for professional buyers, launched into 2016 with a cover story titled “10 Years in Security: Seagate Leads on Innovation.” Why did the magazine choose to focus on Seagate? Seagate just passed our tenth year leading the industry’s development of surveillance-optimized storage, so we’re taking the opportunity to highlight these […] ...

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  • The Digital Deluge Is Upon Us

    Smartphones have been a major part of our society for almost ten years now. Obviously some regions of the world use them more than others, but no matter what restaurant, movie theater, mall, park, sporting event or even just a normal, stay-at-home social gathering, the smartphone is often at the center of attention (a dominance that is itself, […] ...

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  • Cold Storage Market is Heating Up

    As the largest search-engine operator in China, the Beijing-based Baidu responds to billions of search requests each day from people in 138 countries. The company stores and processes massive amounts of data, including websites, images, audio and video documents. To effectively manage it all without driving up costs, the company turned to a system for […] ...

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