Data Center Management Costs and Operational Efficiency

The costs of designing, deploying, operating, and supporting data centers continue to rise. Seagate services, features, and platforms enable you to increase operational efficiency by driving unneeded cost out of the data center.

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Lower Data Center TCO:

PowerChoice™ Technology

Curb concerns over both the financial and environmental costs of ever-increasing data center power use.
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Instant Secure Erase

Reduce the time it takes to retire or repurpose a hard drive from days to mere seconds.
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RAID Rebuild™ Technology

Recover a high-capacity RAID sets faster and less error-prone.
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Data Protection, Encryption and Secure Drive Technology

Nearly all drives eventually leave the data center and their owners’ control; in fact, Seagate estimates that 50,000 drives are retired from data centers daily. Corporate data resides on such drives, and when most leave the data center, the data they contain is still readable
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Seagate Self-Encrypting Drive technology helps data center management reduce the risk of data breach.
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Cloud Platform Architecture and Modeling

Open Source Hardware and Software

Innovating for the cloud will not happen in a vacuum. Cloud solutions brought to market must be the result of a collaborative effort among suppliers, partners, and end customers. Seagate joined OpenStack and Open Compute Project to partner with industry leaders to define and promote open source standards for cloud computing

Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Platform

“With the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform, our internal R&D teams have designed an unique, first-of-its-kind storage architecture to enable cheaper, more scalable object storage solutions that free up IT professionals from having to invest in hardware and software they don’t need— while empowering them with the most innovative storage technology available.” —Rocky Pimentel, Seagate CMO. Read more >

Cloud Technology News
  • Seagate & Cray: Customer Adoption and Use Reveals Partnership’s Significance

    This week Seagate announced four supercomputing customers, which are using the Cray®Sonexion® 2000 system. Powered by Seagate, the system integrates all aspects of hardware, software and support for the latest 2.5 version of the Lustre® parallel file system. Key benefits of Lustre 2.5 include a client metadata performance improvement of up to 700 percent, as […] ...

  • Commit to Sustainability on Earth Day and Every Day

    John Muir, the famed naturalist and founder of the Sierra Club, was talking about nature when he said, “When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe,” but he just as easily could have been referring to business sustainability. Sustainability is “hitched” to every aspect […] ...

  • The Seagate EVault User Survey: A Case Study in Healthcare Data Management

    Customer References verified by TechValidate. ...

  • Seagate Engineer Leads King Richard’s Reburial Procession — In Full Period Armor

    ‘Never has so much spirit or greater virtue reigned in such a small body’ — Archdeacon of Lothian, who came to Richard’s court with an embassy from James III of Scotland in 1484 ‘King Richard was an ypocryte and a crochebake and beried in a dike like a dogge’ — Earl of Northumberland, testimony from the Municipal Records of […] ...