CloudByte Inc

CloudByte Inc.
20863 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 530
Cupertino, CA USA

+1-855-380-BYTE (2983)


CloudByte is first to provide storage software for enterprise-grade clouds run by public and private service providers. Patent-pending storage software empowers service providers to define new classes of storage services, enables efficient customer onboarding without expert intervention, and elastically scales performance higher or lower on demand.  Established in 2010 and managed by technology executives from companies such as NetApp, EMC, LSI, Cisco, Juniper, and Novell, CloudByte is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and has a development center in India. CloudByte is venture-backed by Fidelity Worldwide Investment, Nexus Venture Partners and Kae Capital.


CloudByte enables our customers, resellers, and partners to build storage solutions targeted to the needs of:  

  •  Service Provider delivery models including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Vertical industries including Development, Finance, Higher Education, and Media & Entertainment.
  • Use Cases including Performance Tiered Storage, Virtualization, Development, and Streaming Workflows.


  • Enables public service providers to outcompete industry giants such as Amazon based on both storage functionality and price. Leveraging industry-standard hardware – including Seagate SSD and HDD storage drives – CloudByte enables service providers to build best-of-breed solutions targeted to their vertical markets, geographies, and customer sets.    
  • Empowers private service providers to build storage architectures with greater functionality than that of public service provider leaders including Amazon, Google, and Azure.  CloudByte provides transparency into storage resources consumed – for each department or cost center – and how changes in resource levels will actually impact operations.  Also, management is not only efficient but also self-service due to delegated administration capabilities.   


CloudByte is a Seagate Cloud Builder Alliance partner. CloudByte develops and delivers innovative Cloud products and solutions based on Seagate cloud drives and technologies. Leveraging Seagate’s storage drives, CloudByte solutions provide the capacity, reliability, and performance required for enterprise-grade Clouds.  In addition to Seagate products, Seagate and Cloudbyte work together to understand changing and evolving market needs, and collaborate on solutions that meet customer challenges not only today, but in the future.