45 Belden Place
San Francisco, CA, USA

Company Description

Cloudscaling is the leading elastic cloud infrastructure company. Elastic cloud infrastructure is architecturally and behaviorally consistent with leading public clouds like AWS or GCE, but lives in an enterprise data center under IT’s control. Cloudscaling is a founding member of the OpenStack Project, and the CTO of Cloudscaling sits on their board. The company was founded in 2009 and is solely focused on creating the first and best production-grade, enterprise-ready, IaaS system based on the OpenStack software foundation.

Solution Offering

Cloudscaling is not an open stack distributor. Rather, they deliver a purpose-built, production-grade elastic cloud system, a combination of Cloudscaling software that incorporates OpenStack technology with a standardized reference hardware architecture that makes it easy and fast to deploy cloud capacity initially and through expansion.

Value Proposition

The Cloudscaling solution enables IT to rapidly build out, scale and manage an elastic private cloud infrastructure that delivers a new generation of dynamic applications and services to the business. We see in the market that forward-looking IT executives are embracing new infrastructure in order to support the evolution towards a dynamic computing environment that does not compromise security, reliability, control or cloud economics. Cloudscaling delivers a solution to this challenge.

Why Seagate?

Cloudscaling is building an ecosystem of compatible hardware and software that is comprised of products of the highest quality from companies with great reputations. Storage is a critical component of any cloud solution, and Seagate is a leader in this market.