NuCloud Global, Inc.
225 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO



NuCloud is a pioneer of next-generation cloud computing solutions that enable simple and cost-effective deployment, management and configuration of cloud computing environments, regardless of where they are deployed. Extending beyond individual virtual machine images running on commodity hardware, NuCloud provides a turnkey cloud infrastructure software stack for delivering virtual datacenters as a service—delivering all of the essential components used to build, deploy and manage multi-tier and multi-tenant cloud applications in a simple-to-install software package. NuCloud provides a symmetric private and public cloud product available currently in the US and soon to be available globally. The product emphasizes a low TCO, ease-of-installation and management, and security.

Value Proposition

NuCloud offers the best price- performance point in the industry, robust security model, ease-of- installation and extremely high- performance capabilities. In addition, the NuCloud platform enables enterprises to set up an on-premise private cloud for use by their own employees. The current generation of virtualization infrastructure shipped by VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft targets enterprise IT departments who manage virtual machines in the same way as they would manage physical machines. The NuCloud platform, on the other hand, enables self-service of virtual machines by users outside of IT departments.

Why Seagate?

NuCloud looked to Seagate to optimize their cloud data centers for sustained performance, environmental cost reduction, system reliability and endurance, and scalable, cloud-optimized storage. NuCloud has had a relationship and partnership with Seagate for years to establish a strategic relationship, primarily in China, but also worldwide. In addition, Seagate has been a reliable and dependable partner and provides the drive capabilities and performance we need for our products at a price that is very competitive with the demands of the marketplace.

Company Description

The NuParadigm Companies and Eudora Global, the majority founders of NuCloud Inc., complement NuCloud and bring market position and customer relationships along with cloud computing and virtualization software as well as security technologies. The principals have dealt with hundreds of large customers over the years and focused on sophisticated enterprise-class technical challenges. The company has a strong reputation in research and product development across the critical sectors of the cloud computing space including development platforms, massive scalability and security. These have often focused on specific capabilities in distributed computing, scaling web services and the construction of secure transaction automation systems. Additionally, NuParadigm's CEO and founder, Harry Haury, is a recognized US national authority in cyber security and cloud computing and has developed field-tested security frameworks that implement the highest standards and strongest safeguards. These technologies are fused with an open source core and are part of the NuCloud product offerings.