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Solution Offering

SwiftStack software provides flexible private cloud storage for today's applications, with reliability and robust management tools to make it easy for you to manage constant growth and deliver high-availability storage for millions of users. The software runs on commodity hardware, enabling significant cost savings compared to other storage.

Managed through a browser-based Controller either in the cloud or on-premise, SwiftStack is easy to operate from multiple levels of access. The dashboard interface removes the heavy lifting from configuration, organization, authentication and load balancing. Regular alerts, reports and system stats keep you constantly updated on your storage needs.

Value Proposition

Start Fast, Operate Easy - SwiftStack has simplified storage to fit the way you work. While any distributed storage system is inherently complex, getting started shouldn’t be.

Simplicity at Scale - Keep up with business growth, without disrupting performance or availability. Add capacity and hardware, even heap-on users, while continuously serving data.

No Lock-In - Based on OpenStack Swift, an open-source storage platform that was created specifically for heavy use and unstructured data. And it works with any cloud platform.

Why Seagate

Customers achieve dramatic savings with SwiftStack storage through freedom to choose any server hardware to create their private cloud storage clusters. When choosing open configurations, customers can procure hard drives on the open market from any distributor or reseller, and choose the best drives for their environment. Hard drives from Seagate are an ideal fit for private cloud storage of any size.

With SwiftStack, capacity is often deployed on the order of petabytes. As the single largest hardware component in the solution, hard drives are very important to the solution. Reliability and cost certainty at scale are what SwiftStack customers look for to support their applications and business, and Seagate offers some of the best performing and high capacity drives on the market to meet the needs of private cloud storage.

Company Description

SwiftStack is a technology innovator of private cloud storage for today’s applications. The SwiftStack software-defined storage (SDS) solution combines a unique, decoupled storage controller with the OpenStack Swift object storage system to provide customers with cost-effective, scale-out storage that can run on commodity hardware.

The company was founded in 2011 to help operations teams implement and manage an easy-to-use, multi-tenant and highly scalable cloud storage platform. With SwiftStack, applications developers and operations teams can benefit from SwiftStack integration and expertise to leverage the power of public cloud inside their own data center.

White Paper

Reference Design

SwiftStack and Seagate collaborate on a SDS solution enabling customers can achieve a truly scalable, cost-effective and easy to deploy and manage object storage.

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Case Study

New Levels of Scalability and TCO Savings With Open-Source Private Cloud Object Storage

OpenStack Swift’s Private Cloud Storage is complimented by Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform

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