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Seagate NAS HDD Compatible Systems

  • 1U4200XXX
  • N4200
  • NVR22
  • 1U4600
  • N4200Eco
  • NVR42
  • N0503
  • N4200PRO
  • NVR46
  • N2200Evo
  • N4510U
  • NVR55
  • N2200XXX
  • N4800
  • V2510
  • N2800
  • N4800Eco
  • V4510
  • N3200XXX
  • N5200XXX
  • V4510U
  • N4100Evo
  • N5500
  • V5510
  • N4100PRO
  • N5550



Company Value Proposition

At Thecus, we understand that different users have different requirements. In the world of digital storage, one size does not fit all. That is why we have developed an entire range of storage products to meet the needs of virtually every user. From the high-performance, 10GbE-ready TopTower Series to the versatile and fast Vision Series, to the large business N16000PRO and N12000PRO rackmount units, and everything in between, Thecus has a solution for you.

About Thecus NAS Solutions

Thecus products are designed not only to be powerful and flexible, but easy to use. Users have increasingly growing digital libraries, and they need to access their digital files as quickly as possible. Thecus storage solutions consistently deliver top-notch performance, able to deliver digital data at an impressive speed. To keep data completely safe, Thecus products are designed with data security in mind, each device comes with numerous security options for the user to select. Thecus storage products also have the unique ability to support third-party software modules.

Company Description

In today's networked world, digital content is truly the most precious asset. At Thecus, we take pride in developing innovative storage solutions that keep data safe and secure. Founded in 2004, the Thecus team brings decades of R&D expertise, brand marketing channel development, and a strong customer focus to deliver high-quality products that meet the storage needs of the individual as well as small, medium and large businesses.