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Speltenbach-Steinäcker 1
Freyung, Germany

+49 (8551) 9150-0

Solution Offering

The focus of Thomas Krenn. AG is the production and sale of server technologies. The product portfolio includes Rack-Server from 1 to 4 HE, control tower servers, Silent-servers, workstations and in-house customizations. Moreover, Thomas Krenn.AG enterprise products and services span different areas and include support for most operating systems, virtualization strategies, storage, cluster or hosting and open source technologies.

Value Proposition

Thomas-Krenn.AG provides high quality infrastructure components for building cloud computing solutions, especially servers. Also, Thomas Krenn.AG offers high quality, individual hosting solutions, combining both expertise into one solution.

Why Seagate?

Seagate provides the specific products to address our customer needs with regard to cloud solutions.

Company Description

Thomas-Krenn.AG is currently the leading provider in Europe of high-quality server and system solutions. All products are assembled exclusively in Freyung, DE and distributed throughout Europe. More than 10,000 customers rely on “Made in Germany” quality and benefit from our excellent service.