Data Center Security

The average security breach can cost up to US$6.6M!¹ Protect your company’s most valuable assets with Seagate Secure Drives.

Most Seagate enterprise-class HDD and SSD offers at least one level of security to meet your needs. Whether it’s the ability to instantly and securely erase your drive or meet the highest government standards, our enterprise class drives rise to the occasion.

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  • Cryptographically erase your drives in less than 4 seconds with the Seagate Instant Secure Erase (ISE) feature available on every Seagate Secure drive
  • Choose between three drive configurations to find the solution that’s best for you: ISE, SED or SED + FIPS
  • Use the world’s only FIPS-validated hard drives to meet stringent security regulations with NIST/TCG compliant drives including U.S. and Canadian government requirements²
  • Seagate Secure drives are integrated with industry-leading key management software solutions. More about ISVs >

¹ 2008 Annual Study: Cost of a Data Breach, Ponemon Institute, Feb. 2009

² Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and FIPS 140-2 Validated drives are not available in all models or countries. May require TCG-compliant host or controller support.

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Seagate Secure™ Enterprise Offerings

With over 50,000 drives leaving the data center every day, how can you be sure your data doesn’t leave with it? The Seagate portfolio of enterprise drives supports three different drive configurations: ISE, SED and SED FIPS—make sure you choose the level of hardware security and server encryption needed in your data center.

  • Seagate Instant Secure Erase (ISE) hard drives seamlessly erase hard drives for fast, safe disposal in approximately 4 seconds
  • SEDs give users the freedom to manage their drives with key management software for an additional layer of authentication for stronger data security – plus the benefit of ISE
  • SED FIPS offers the maximum security option that’s independently validated by NIST
  • Learn more about secure erase technology >

Seagate Secure Enterprise Drive Portfolio

Seagate has the industry's widest selection of security enterprise offerings and features. From traditional hard drives to solid state drives, Seagate can help you choose the right storage device and security levels for your application.

  • Enterprise Capacity HDDs ensure you get the highest capacities and the best $/GB for dense bulk storage solutions in both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors and SAS and SATA interfaces – all with three security configurations (ISE, SED, SED FIPS). More >
  • Enterprise Performance HDDs offer the fastest HDDs with large capacities in 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors for all three security configurations (ISE, SED, SED FIPS). More >
  • Enterprise SSDs offer the highest performing storage devices from Seagate to meet a variety of Tier 0 datacenter needs. More >
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Enterprise Security Management

Seagate Secure™ hard drives encrypt data all the time at interface speed and provide IT professionals the option of ISE for safe, fast and easy drive retirement.

  • Choose from leading third party software applications for additional layers of security such as key management and drive authentication
  • TCG-compliant controllers ensure end-to-end data security
  • More about secure drive management >
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