Universal Storage Module (USM)

The Universal Storage Module (USM) standard for portable drives makes it easier than ever to move your content and access it on multiple devices, such as PCs, notebooks, DVRs and many others. By utilizing SATA, the world’s most widely implemented storage interface, consumers can take advantage of both speed and flexibility using this plug-and-play technology.

  • USM is the easiest way to add removable and expandable storage to any device, like a PC, DVR or notebook
  • The USM SATA connector is faster than USB 3.0 and provides better performance
  • USM-compatible drives can be used as external storage by connecting to a device with an interface cable or by inserting it into a USM port
  • Simply insert the drive into any USM-ready device to instantly access music, movies, photos and other content
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Discover the value of implementing USM across various consumer electronics devices and storage systems. Seagate is working with industry leaders to enable USM technology across multiple products, including PCs, DVRs and notebooks.

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Seagate designs products which seamlessly integrate into everyday life. Our USM-compatible drives are one example of this. Create your content in one place and take it with you to share with others on TVs or other computers.

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