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From simple, IP wireless web-cam systems for the home to complete remote video monitoring and surveillance systems for securing small businesses, Seagate has the right DVR storage solution to protect what is important to your customers. Read how Seagate Recovery Services helped solve a crime from data recovered on a DVR drive >

Is the Video 2.5 HDD, Video 3.5 HDD or the Surveillance HDD right for your customers?

Simplifying Home and Business Security

DIY solutions require input from one or more cameras, usually recording in standard definition to capture movement and activity.

Video is typically stored for 30 days, unless longer storage is required.

Entry-level systems often use Surveillance DVRs for monitoring homes or businesses.

Many DVR systems record 24x7, and leverage motion-sensing cameras to minimize recording time.

Security and Surveillance DVRs

Security and Surveillance DVRs

Much like the DVRs that save episodes of your favorite TV shows, surveillance DVRs (SDVRs) record and save video from multiple camera streams in case that video should ever need to be reviewed.

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Video HDD vs Desktop Hard Drive >

SDVRs are popular security solutions because they combine video recording and storage in a single device. This makes them easy to install and manage, and eliminates the need to buy external hard drives and cabling. Their flexible, hybrid design supports input from both analog and IP cameras, making them a straightforward option for security system upgrades or DIY projects.

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Seagate Video Storage Options

Seagate Video HDD

Store up to 4TB of recorded video—or 42 days of continuous footage. Low power consumption and support for up to 16 simultaneous video streams reliably records video in surveillance systems with fewer than six drives.
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Seagate Surveillance HDD

Built specifically for video surveillance, this hard drive supports the high-write requirements of HD video content and the quick response needs of motion-sensing cameras. This surveillance drive improves system reliability and post-deployment services for up to 16 drives.
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