Samsung Advanced Format Utility

Samsung Advanced Format Utility increases the data capacity of a Samsung drive by improving the efficiency of the media format, allowing for the alignment of 4k sectors.

Release Notes

Ensure that you have the latest Intel driver version when installing the Advanced Format Drive on a computer with Windows 7/Vista. For further information, see Document ID: 218615.


If installing from a USB device, disconnect all other USB devices from your computer before installing.


Important: Back up all data onto a separate storage device before installation. During installation, data may be lost.


  • Summary

    Windows 7/Vista and MacOS already include native support for Advanced Format (4K sectors) and so do not require this utility. Do not use it.


    Windows XP: The Samsung Advanced Format Utility improves the efficiency of the media format, allowing for the alignment of 4K sectors.


    It only supports the following Samsung Spinpoint M8 family model numbers that utilize the Advanced Format (4K sector size):



  • Procedure

    Launch the Seagate Download Finder by clicking on the link below. Once you identify your product, the Finder will provide the appropriate software download.


    Download   Download Finder

  • User Guide

    For more information, see the Advanced Format Utility User Guide.