Tech Insight Why NAS?

Seagate network attached storage (NAS) solutions bundle high-performance hard drives with software and services.

Seagate network attached storage (NAS) is a centralized storage solution that simplifies your digital lifestyle, from remote acess to shared storage to centralized backup. Plug your NAS hardware into your router and follow the guided setup.


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Enterprise Performance 10K HDD
Enterprise Performance 10K HDD

Mission critical servers and external storage arrays. SED & FIPS options.

Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD
Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD

World’s fastest 6TB nearline SED hard drive for bulk data storage.

Pulsar Main
Seagate Pulsar SAS SSD

Read-intensive data center applications & cloud computing.

Seagate is the world leader in hard drive storage devices, which are used in cloud compute and storage.
The Demand for Storage Devices in a Connected World of Data

Cloud data ecosystems require digital storage capacity