What Is Network Attached Storage?

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Storing data from a variety of computers can seem complicated, whether you have tons of digital music and movies or you have a business to run. Managing servers, connecting different platforms, making sure data is secure, and doing it without dedicated IT professionals on call – what a headache! But there is a solution that makes sense, and it’s network-attached storage. This is a type of self-contained computer device that functions as a file server and backup storage for multiple PCs over a small network. 

What is network-attached storage? It’s just shared storage. Network-attached storage (NAS) devices store and share data for multiple computers, whether they’re Macs or PCs, and you can access that data when you’re sitting in the same room with the network or securely when you’re on the go, over the Internet.

NAS devices such as Seagate® Central or the Seagate Business Storage NAS or 8-Bay Rackmounts let you store and access your files from a central, secure location. You can easily back up all the computers in your home or office to the NAS device, and then access that data from each computer. Plus, you can share a printer through NAS, or you can stream media to gaming consoles, media players, and smart TVs. 

Unlike a desktop or laptop PC, a NAS device has a very simple operating system that only does a few things. But it does those tasks very well so that the computers connected to it run more efficiently and securely. NAS can be easy to set up, and the systems are flexible enough to stream media or connect various peripherals for your computers to all share.

network-attached storage

Network-attached storage for home

You can create a centralized media library to watch or listen anywhere. Load the whole household’s digital music, movies, photos, and video into the NAS system, and you can stream it from anywhere in the house on another computer or the right type of media player. Even better, you can access your media remotely on your phone or tablet via Wi-Fi or an Internet connection -- the Seagate® Media App makes this easy to do with Seagate Central and Seagate Wireless Plus devices.

Network-attached storage for small business

Your business doesn’t need a huge computer system and a department full of techies to backup sensitive data and access key information on the road. Connect all your office PCs to the NAS system for secure regular backups. Plus, you can download data from NAS when you’re traveling for work, wherever you have Internet and a mobile device.

So if you have more than one computer’s worth of files and you want to easily back that data up, as well as access it across devices and remotely, network-attached storage may be the right solution.

—By Trystan L. Bass

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