Lyve Cloud Tape Migration and Storage

Complimentary tape migration makes your path to the cloud a walk in the park.

Liberate your tape data in the cloud.

With Lyve® Cloud Tape Migration and Storage, we quickly migrate your tape media for you to a scalable, highly secure S3 bucket in Seagate Lyve Cloud. Only pay for storage used as you seamlessly organize, manage, and access your active archive from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Migration Made Easy
Our storage experts handle the entire process of migrating your tape media to the cloud and modernizing your archives.
Access Data Anytime, Anywhere
Leverage archived legacy data in new ways and easily prepare for audits with limitless capacity, always-on cloud storage.
Get Air-Gap Security
Your data is protected and encrypted, accessible only by you.
Save Time and Money
Pay only for storage used—no more systems to upgrade or experts to hire.

Tired of your tapes collecting dust?

Gain new insights from your legacy data with anytime access and advanced analytics.


Cloud migration made easy.

Our team of storage experts handles the entire process of migrating your LTO tape media—no matter which generation—to the cloud, where it can be activated to unlock new value.

We’ll help you merge, consolidate, organize, and modernize your backup and archive tape data by ensuring you catalogue and ingest only the useful stuff.  As leaders in the data storage industry for more than 40 years, you can trust us to do it accurately and efficiently.


Access data anytime, anywhere.

When you migrate your LTO media to Lyve Cloud’s S3 object storage, previously inaccessible data becomes integrated into your multicloud strategy. Your business can easily and securely access data globally to serve real-time needs.

The greatest benefit of migrating data from tape to the cloud is that it enables businesses to activate cold data for new insights and opportunities. Plus, you can protect your data archive over the long term and respond to compliance audits with ease.


Get air-gap security.

Companies across many industries—including media and entertainment, healthcare, science and research, education, and more—rely on tape for its air-gap data protection and low-cost offline storage. But tape is far from a perfect solution. Continuous technology upgrades make managing tape archives a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Plus, tape doesn’t offer visibility into insights and trends that lead to new business and revenue opportunities.

Lyve Cloud Tape Migration and Storage ensures full air-gap security. We'll work closely with you to guarantee we meet all custody requirements, from the moment your tapes leave the warehouse to the second your data is placed into a read-only S3 bucket in Lyve Cloud, which is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified. Only you will have access to your data via an encryption key and multi-factor authentication. With object immutability turned on, data can never be tampered with or deleted. 


Save time and money.

Tape migration is a big undertaking. It requires complex planning and sufficient resources. When handled in-house, it may go on for months and take your IT team’s focus off other business operations. You may need to commit resources to hiring personnel with specialized tape migration knowledge, planning the migration effort, and renting temporary and long-term storage equipment.

Rather than upgrade to new tape generations every few years or undertake a costly migration in-house, let us handle the migration. You’ll spend less on your long-term archive requirements by keeping data in scalable, always-on object storage that’ll never become obsolete. You’ll only pay for the storage you use—that’s it. No additional migration costs. No unexpected fees.


Object Storage Designed for Multicloud

Learn how to achieve multicloud freedom with Seagate Lyve Cloud—a simple, trusted, and efficient object storage solution for mass data.

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