Lyve Cloud

Multicloud Freedom as a Service

No egress fees. No API charges. No vendor lock-in. No, seriously.

Multicloud Doesn’t Have to Suck

In the old way, vendor lock-in and prohibitive costs limit the volume of data that businesses can store and activate. Data gets trapped in siloes, stifling innovation and slowing down workflows.

Lyve® Cloud provides a new way. Enable multicloud freedom with a simple, trusted, and efficient S3 object storage solution designed for long-term predictability and maximum flexibility.

Object Storage
Store, move, and access data without any egress or API fees.

Isn’t it time you felt good about your multicloud?

Store, move, and access data without a hitch.

Meet Our Partners

  • Commvault

    Get a modular and scalable backup solution that’s available when you need it.

  • Equinix

    Capture, store, and activate mass data closer to applications, workloads, and users.

  • Iguazio

    Get fast, secure AI applications for big-data analytics.

  • Milestone

    Future-proof surveillance with centralized, secure, and scalable storage solutions.

  • Veeam

    Rely on cyber-resilient storage for backup, recovery, and monitoring.

  • Zadara

    Deploy compute resources for data workloads with Lyve Cloud.

We’re making multicloud
easier to manage.

Find out how Lyve Cloud makes it simpler
to store, move, and access data at scale.