Seagate Store Return Policy

This Seagate Store Policy applies only to purchases made from the Seagate online store available at Seagate online store as may be updated from time to time (“Seagate Store”). These Seagate Store policies (“Policies”) do not apply to purchases of products or offerings from any other channels, platforms, or websites.  See E-commerce & RMA terms, Seagate support, warranty and warranty returns for more information on purchases from other retailers. 

Returns for Refund

Eligible Returns

You may return items, in like new condition (i.e., condition originally delivered), purchased on within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.

After 30 days, a product can only be replaced under warranty. Please visit our Warranty & Replacements page to request a warranty replacement.

Refund Processing Time

It can take up to 30 days for us to receive and process your Seagate Store return. When we complete processing of your return, we issue a refund to the original form of payment use for the purchase. Most refunds are refunded within 7 days after processing is complete.


If a product you have purchased from the Seagate Store is defective, please request a return for a refund within 30 days of delivery and place a new order with us to receive a replacement. Beyond 30 days, a product can only be replaced under warranty. Please visit our Warranty & Replacements page to request a warranty replacement.

How to Return Items You Ordered from the Seagate Store

Note: This section applies only to Seagate Store returns initiated in the first 30 days after delivery. See the “Replacements Under Warranty” section below for warranty replacements of Seagate Store items.

Placing a Seagate Store Return Request

If you placed your order for the item(s) as a Seagate Store guest:

  • You will first need to access your order. You can do this via the link provided in your order confirmation email or by looking up your order on the Order Lookup page.
  • If using the Order Lookup page, you will need to provide your order number, the last name used in the billing address and either the email address you used for the order or postal code. Submitting the form should pull up the order details page.

If you have a Seagate Store account: 

  • Sign-in on at the Seagate Store My Account page.
  • Access Your Orders from the left navigation menu.
  • Click on the order that contains the item(s) you want to return.

From the order details page, click the “Request Order Return” link in the upper right to open the return request form page.

Enter the requested details in the form, including the item with serial number, quantity being returned, and the reason for return. Enter any comments in the field provided for the Seagate support agent and submit the form. You will then see a confirmation message and receive an email confirming that your request has been submitted.

Once your return is authorized (within 2-3 business days), you will receive an email with return instructions and a link to the shipping label.

Prepare Device for Shipping

Place your device for return in the original packaging, including all accessories that came with the device. You may still return a device if the box has been opened. Remove any data stored on your device, such as device settings, by resetting your device prior to returning it. Following receipt, a factory reset will be performed on your device.

Print Mailing Label

After your return is authorized, you can access your return shipping label in the return authorization email, your My Account page, or via the Order Lookup page. If you have trouble locating the return shipping label link, contact Seagate Customer Support for assistance with your return. Click on the shipping label link to open the label and print using your web browser’s print feature. Your device must be returned to Seagate using a Seagate return shipping label.

Give Return Package to the Shipper

Please wrap the package securely, attach the return label you printed to the package, and take your return package to a drop-off location for the shipper indicated on the label. Please ship your return within 15 days after the authorization of the return. If the return shipment is postmarked beyond 15 days you will not be eligible for a refund.

Replacements Under Warranty

Products purchased from the Seagate Store that are found to be defective are eligible for replacement under warranty. Please visit the Warranty & Replacements page to request a warranty replacement.

Review the following warranty documents for more information: