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Cyber-resilient storage for backup, recovery, and monitoring.

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The Seagate & Veeam Solution Advantage

Seagate® solutions integrate seamlessly with the Veeam Availability Suite to provide scalable and cost-effective storage for secure backup, fast recovery, and unified analytics. Deploy Veeam software with Seagate’s enterprise storage systems for primary and archive storage on premises or with Seagate Lyve Cloud for always-on storage as a service that delivers elastic scalability and predictable capacity-based pricing.

Seamless Storage Growth

Scale your backup repository in the cloud without lock-ins and extra charges or in your data center using enclosures that can host up to 1.3PB of data.

Restores You Can Count On

On premises or in the cloud, restores can’t wait. Securely store backups in Lyve Cloud or your data center where they’re always accessible when you need them.

High-Performance Backup Storage

Seagate supports the full range of Veeam’s storage tiers with ultra-dense, high-capacity storage systems and Lyve Cloud for instant data recovery without costly delays.

On Premises, in the Cloud, or Both

Manage your own storage on premises or in the cloud via storage delivered as a service—or combine the two for a seamlessly integrated hybrid approach.

Modern Data Protection in the Cloud

Cyber resiliency, better business analytics, data recovery and testable backups.

iSCSI SAN Storage Solutions

Create efficient and flexible backup storage solutions on premises.

White Paper

Designing and Budgeting for Seagate and Veeam Solutions

Optimize backup and recovery costs by understanding how Seagate storage solutions compare with those of other providers.

On-Demand Webinar

Best Practices for Ransomware and Data Protection

Discover best practices for protecting against malicious ransomware attacks and inadvertent sources of data loss from Veeam and Seagate experts.

Case Study

Modernizing Backups to Maximize Performance

By leveraging Veeam and Seagate for a modern backup solution, Office Ally increased flexibility and lowered TCO.

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