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High Performance Computing Solutions

Engineered for mass capacity and maximized performance to meet data-intensive workloads.

The Seagate Advantage for High Performance Computing (HPC)

Consolidate and manage massive unstructured datasets with ease using high-throughput, scalable storage architecture built for mass capacity.

Maximize Performance

Purpose built for rapid throughput, Seagate storage arrays deliver world-class performance that guarantees maximum speed.

Scale Up or Scale Out

Easily and affordably scale out petabytes of storage to meet data intensive HPC workloads while maximizing capacity over time.

Proven Reliability

Expertly designed for high availability, resilience, and reliability, Seagate solutions ensure the protection and accessibility of your data.

Lower TCO

Seagate delivers the industry’s most space-efficient, high-density enterprise storage systems with the highest IOPS per dollar.

Eliminate HPC Storage Bottlenecks

Meet data-intensive performance demands and accelerate time-to-insight using high-density, scalable storage solutions.
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Using AI to Boost Factory Efficiency

Seagate partners with HPE and NVIDIA to drive greater factory efficiency using AI-assisted manufacturing.

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