Composable Infrastructure

Dynamically allocate and configure resources to any application process.

What is Composable Infrastructure?

Composable infrastructure is an approach to data center server architecture that decouples various computing, storage, memory, and accelerator resources from their physical locations and manages them through a software-based interface.  

Composable infrastructures form pools of resources that are automatically created, almost in real-time, to match the needs of each application or workload being run by an enterprise. 

Why Does Composable Data Architecture Matter?

Today, businesses require new tools and technology to meet rapidly changing demands. Modern IT departments must not only be fast but also stable and agile. Traditional IT infrastructure doesn’t allow for this because it requires the building of silos of server infrastructure to handle various workloads. This often leads to increased costs and a more complex data center.

Composable infrastructure removes the need for independent workload-specific environments. Data center resources can be combined in a single large set of resource pools and shared out to match the individual needs of different applications. The data center becomes far more cost effective because resources aren't being underused. Further, the IT architect won’t run the risk of overprovisioning a certain resource. This infrastructure allows for resources to be acquired and deployed from on-premises infrastructure as quickly and easily as they would be from a public cloud provider.

Composable Infrastructure Benefits

As data creation, capture and utilization continues to grow exponentially, data architects face challenges such as bandwidth and latency concerns, CPU overprovisioning and excessive costs when it’s time to scale capacity. Composable infrastructure offers benefits to resolve these challenges, enabling a highly efficient and scalable data center.

Increased Efficiency

The individual components can be managed as a resource pool and data managers can allocate each resource on demand over high-speed low-latency computing fabric.

No Overprovisioning

Resources can be dynamically provisioned and composed using a common-standards-based API without reconfiguring or re-cabling the hardware. Scale up each resource independently, add only the specific components/services you need, and keep costs predictable.


Need to replace or upgrade a CPU or other component? It’s easy to do that without disrupting any of your other installed components or services.

Faster Deployment

Composable infrastructure enables IT departments to streamline and accelerate application deployments. Applications are never down for server replacements because they always use whatever various components/services are available.


Composability in Private Cloud

Explore the cost and performance benefits of composability in a private cloud architecture.

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