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Accelerate geophysical data delivery with storage that’s built for the edge.

The Seagate Advantage for Geosciences and Energy

Lyve Mobile is the simple, efficient, secure way for geoscience and energy production companies to collect, store, move, interpret, and analyze data. Whether you’re working with seismic, oceanographic, or meteorological data, Seagate has your back. Access data for analysis faster and reduce bottlenecks, all while keeping data safe and secure. Lyve Mobile’s subscription-based service model keeps costs optimized, budgets predictable, and simplifies all logistics and inventory management.

Capture Petabytes Anywhere

Capture and mobilize massive data sets, no matter where they’re collected.

Protect Data During Transport

Lyve Mobile helps ensure all your data survives through continuous recording capabilities and stringent security standards.

Access Data for Analysis Faster

Grow your profitability with a suite of solutions that let you deliver data faster and speed up time to insights.

Scale Easily, Save Big

With scalable pricing, Lyve Mobile lets you acquire high-powered storage at an affordable monthly rate.

Accelerate Geophysical Data Delivery

With Lvve Mobile’s fast, efficient, and secure portfolio of solutions and services, you can overcome the many challenges around data logistics during exploration and production. What this leads to is faster data acquisition and, ultimately, faster payoff for you and those counting on you.

Case Study

Accelerating Geophysical Data Transfer from Field to Processing

PXGEO unlocks a turnkey solution for data aggregation, transportation, and activation with Lyve™ Mobile.

Case Study

Beating the Clock on Geological Data Delivery

Neubrex captures and delivers real-time data faster with Lyve Mobile.

Solution Brief

Enterprise Data Orchestration for Geoscience Operations

Seagate and ET Works bring an efficient, multi-tier storage solution to geoscience and energy companies.

White Paper

Optimizing High-Capacity Geoscience Data Workflows

Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by aggregating, transporting, and analyzing oil and gas data faster.

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Aggregate, store, move, and activate your data the smart way.
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Streamline Data. Crush Your Business Goals.

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