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Get modular and scalable backup storage that’s available when you need it.

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The Seagate & Commvault Solution Advantage

Seagate provides a complete portfolio of on-prem and cloud storage that provide high level of data durability and data protection for backup storage targets. From few terabytes to multiple petabytes, our flexible solutions scale to meet your ever-growing data storage needs.

Cloud, On-Prem, or Both

Seagate provides the choice and flexibility of managing your own storage on-prem or the cloud storage that is simple, trusted and efficient.

Access Backup Data for Analytics

Unlock value from your backups siloed in legacy systems by moving to to always-on active storage, on-prem or in the cloud.

Scale with Ease and Predictable Economics

Build your right-sized backup storage with modular systems or easily scale out with our efficient backup storage as a service.

High-Availability Backup Storage

When it comes to your backup target system, reliability is non-negotiable.

Simple, Secure Cloud Storage for Backup

Safeguard your data with ransomware protection, enterprise-grade identity management support and data encryption at rest and in flight.

Building Efficient Backup Storage

Seagate and Commvault make backup & recovery reliable, scalable, and flexible.

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Future-Proof Your Storage

Understand the value and efficiency of a modern infrastructure for data growth across hybrid, edge, and cloud ecosystems.

“Organizations are using a mix of storage solutions. The Seagate and Commvault partnership provides a one-stop-shop data management solution for enterprises with continuously changing IT environments.”

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Wenceslao Lada, Vice President Worldwide Alliances at Commvault

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