Employee Resource Groups

Seagate recognizes that Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a major role in advancing an inclusive culture, where all employees feel respected and valued for their unique contributions. From professional development to leadership skills, ERGs provide a number of benefits to employees.

ERGs are voluntary, employee-led communities that provide an opportunity for employees to engage with one another and be heard.
Shared Diversity
ERGs help raise awareness of diversity and exemplify Seagate’s value of Inclusion.
Development and Support
ERGs provide support and development opportunities to employees.
ERGs allow employees to cultivate productive relationships and build community.
Leadership Skills
ERGs give employees the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills.
Brand Outreach and Community Engagement
With 24 chapters across five countries, supporting over 2,300 members, Seagate's ERG community has a place for everyone.

Providing a sense of community and belonging for all.

Seagate’s ERG community represents the tremendous diversity of our global workforce, from interfaith to LGBTQ+, and is open to all employees.

ERG Pride

Support human rights and greater equality through networking and professional development events. Engage in efforts that promote diversity and inclusion within Seagate and the community.


Foster a community of women and allies within Seagate by providing networking, mentoring, and development opportunities to encourage personal and professional growth.

ERG Professionals of Color

Raise awareness of and provide support to people of minority affiliations within Seagate. Support inclusion through community outreach, education, and leadership engagement.

ERG Minds of All Kinds

Advocate for and support the recruitment and retention of neurodiverse people. Increase workforce diversity and drive innovation by focusing on capabilities rather than limitations.

ERG Diverse Cultures

Engage in community service and professional advancement opportunities, and raise awareness of the diverse cultures and customs of Asia.

ERG Interfaith

Develop a safe space to share resources and build connection around the topic of faith. Provide learning and outreach of diverse faiths, support inclusion, and foster community.

ERG Young Professionals

Establish a welcoming community for those early in their careers to network with peers, learn from mentors, and collaborate with colleagues. Help attract and retain new and diverse talent.

ERG Chinese Community

Encourage networking and cultural education experiences for those with Chinese heritage. Engage in community outreach, and promote Chinese cultures and customs.

ERG Military and Veterans

Foster support, networking, and development opportunities to military and veteran employees. Support veterans through community outreach and brand engagement.