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Private Cloud Storage Solutions

Deploy an affordable, efficient cloud storage system built on hyperscale architecture.

The Seagate Advantage for Private Cloud Storage Solutions

Precision-engineered private cloud solutions from Seagate offer trusted durability, robust security, and built-in redundancy to safeguard critical assets—empowering your business to reach its full potential.

Lower TCO and Maximize Value

Seagate’s maximum-density private cloud storage solutions optimize value with lower TCO, flexible configurations, and better cost predictability.

Get Better Control of Your Data

Manage your own private cloud storage with flexible security enhancements to protect your data without sacrificing performance.

Scale Up or Scale Out with Ease

Built for modular, petabyte-scale environments, our private cloud storage product portfolio offers infinite scalability and a modernized experience.

Take Ownership of Your Cloud Data

Seagate private cloud storage solutions offer the best value per petabyte while enabling you to securely manage and control your data.
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Estimate the Cost of Your Private Cloud Solution

Easily configure your private cloud storage total cost of ownership (TCO) that fits your unique needs.

Analyst Report: 451 Research

Balancing Hybrid Storage Technology

Learn how hybrid storage architectures evolve in light of hybrid cloud adoption, massive data growth, and limited budgets.
Solution Brief

Unleash Cloud-like Agility with Composability

Deploy a simple, efficient, elastic bare-metal private cloud infrastructure with high performance and scalability.

Meet our Trusted Partners

By teaming up with the best in the industry, Seagate creates private cloud solutions that add value to your world.

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