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Seamless life sciences data orchestration — from endpoint to edge to cloud.

The Seagate Advantage for Healthcare Data

Managing and orchestrating the flow of life sciences data requires alive, intelligent and agile solutions. Seagate® helps you harness the power of your data through massive in-lab storage capacity and modular edge solutions that offload data with fast, affordable, and secure cloud architecture for both private and hybrid environments.

Expand Lab Data Capacity

We offer high-capacity storage solutions that live alongside your devices — regardless of where your work takes them.

Orchestrate Data Flow at the Edge

Our modular storage solutions pair with lab systems to make moving data to the cloud easier, faster and more secure.

Deploy Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

We design S3-compatible, exabyte-scale cloud architecture that consolidates data sets for the lowest possible TCO.

No Vendor Lock-In

Ensure effective data flow, management, and flexibility for your infrastructure using our vendor-agnostic platforms.

Reimagine Life Sciences Data

Harness your data with massive in-lab storage capacity and modular edge solutions.
Solution Brief

Modular Object Storage for Genomics

See how Seagate data capture technology is helping researchers bring precision medicine to life.

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