Lyve Mobile

Data Transfer as a Service

Mass-capacity mobile edge storage and data transfer service for your enterprise.

Store Data Anywhere, Move It Everywhere

Lyve Mobile from Seagate® is a high-capacity edge storage solution that enables businesses to aggregate, store, move, and activate their data. Scalable, modular, and vendor agnostic, this integrated solution eliminates network dependencies so you can transfer mass data sets in a fast, secure, and efficient manner. With on-demand consumption delivered as a service, you order and pay only for the devices you need, when you need them.

Mass Data Capture
Optimized for the Edge

Deploy storage in the field and capture data at the source.

Fast Transport
Simple, Secure Transfers

Move your data to the cloud so you can start putting it to work.

Flexible Subscription
Right-Sized Transfers

Scale up or down as your data transfer needs evolve.

Long-Term Savings
From CapEx to OpEx

Get cost-effective data transfers delivered as a service.

How It Works

Start capturing, storing, and moving massive data sets on demand in three simple steps.

Select Service Plan

Take a right-sized approach to your data transfer needs with flexible service plan options designed to optimize your budget. Adapt to changing project needs by adjusting your subscription at any time.

  • Project Plan

    Moving mass data on a regular basis? This subscription offers the most flexibility for you to scale up or down to meet ever-evolving data transfer needs.

  • Annual Plan

    Choose the annual subscription for long-term projects. If regular mass data transfers are central to your operations, this plan will help optimize budget.

Compare Plans

Service Benefits Project Plan Annual Plan
Subscription Duration Month to Month Yearly (Save 8%)
Data Provisioning and Deployment
Multi-User Management
Device Advanced Replacement
24×7 Seagate Virtual Assistant
Asset Return Management
Device Reconditioning
Scale Devices Up or Down
Swap Technology as Needed

Select Your Devices

Pay only for the devices and configurations you need and send them back when you’re done. Leave the maintenance and technology upgrades to us.

Move Your Data

Move massive data sets on your own terms using our Lyve Mobile devices and self-managed data transfer subscription service.

Streamline Storage at the Edge

Consolidate data in any environment with edge storage on demand.

Bypass Data-Flow Bottlenecks

Transfer all the data you can collect 10× faster than over the network.

Move Data to the Cloud on Your Terms

Lift and shift mass data to the cloud without rethinking your IT infrastructure.

Case Study

ETC Innovates Production with Lyve Mobile

Filmmakers use live-action short film as test bed for virtual production technology.

Solution Brief

Autonomous Vehicle Data Capture and Ingestion with Dell

Enable frictionless movement of autonomous vehicle testing data with Dell and Lyve Mobile.

Solution Brief

Managing Mass Data Collection for ADAS/AD

Together with National Instruments, IBM, and NVIDIA, discover an end-to-end architecture for data collection, transfer, and storage.

Use Case Brief

Overcoming Data Sprawl with Shuttling

Learn how businesses overcome massive data aggregation and accelerate its activation while controlling costs using Lyve Mobile.


Meet Your Post-Production Storage Needs

See how to meet data capture, archive, copy, and access needs in a post-pandemic world.

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