Case Study

Offloading Captured Ocean Data

Learn how Terradepth moves data from submersibles to servers using Lyve Mobile.

Bountiful Data to Explore

Terradepth provides organizations around the world with online ocean-based data generated by autonomous submersible vehicles. Lyve™ Mobile by Seagate® provides the ruggedized, high-capacity, easily integrated solution that helps Terradepth offload that data quickly and securely.

High Capacity for the High Seas

Terradepth relies on 96TB Lyve Mobile Arrays for loads of mass-capacity data collection

Accelerated Data Transfers

Speed matters when it comes to uploading and sharing mass data with teams around the world—and Lyve Mobile delivers.

Smart Mobility

Because Lyve Mobile is easy to set up, plug in, and use, it’s the perfect solution for harsh and challenging environments like the ocean.

Simple, Safe, Secure

The Terradepth team can confidently transport data thanks to AES 256-bit hardware encryption and key management in a rugged, lockable case.

Their Story

Supporting Ocean Data as a Service

Terradepth, headquartered in Austin, TX, was founded in 2018 with the aim to provide Ocean Data as a Service (ODaaS) upon realizing there was a need to provide customers with the ability to collect ocean data, as well as make it more highly available and easier to access for analysis via collaborative, cloud-backed, browser-based tools.

Their Goal

When teams around the world needed the data they were collecting...

The question became—how can we share this valuable information with all these people in a modern, internet-based way? Terradepth’s aim was to make the data journey from autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to end users for review and action quick and easy.

Their Problem

Amidst rough waters, Terradepth needed their data to stream seamlessly.

Terradepth’s submersibles operate in some of the most inhospitable spots on the planet, frequently in the most remote ocean depths. When developing their operations, they knew they’d be challenged to provide reliable data transfer from their AUVs to their customers. Often, traditional networking from their survey locations isn’t an option, thereby requiring a steadfast solution in severe environments.

Their Solution

When Lyve Mobile stepped in, data logistics became easier.

Terradepth began working with Seagate early on during its business development. They required a data transfer solution that was ruggedized for extreme environments, could easily connect to their AxVs, handle the high amount of data that their missions produce, and be just as easy to connect back into a data center rack for ingestion and immediate use within their Absolute Ocean platform. Seagate was able to deliver with their Lyve Mobile Array; a data transfer as a service solution for Terradepth’s ocean data as a service.

Their Success

High capacity and high-speed transfers make for smooth sailing data.

“We were introduced to Lyve Mobile early, with an initial need for high volume data collection,” Childress said. “We have vehicles that will collect dozens of gigabytes of data in a very short period of time, with certain sensor suites that could collect many terabytes of data in just a few days. We (now) have a system, in Lyve Mobile, that operates out in the open ocean for extended periods of time and offers high volume capabilities.”

“To get data off the platform and into a usable network as quickly as possible, leveraging high-capacity, easily mobile systems like Lyve Mobile, that’s a pitch we can make, and have made, to our customers.”

Ken Childress,
Chief Revenue Officer Terradepth

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