Lyve Mobile Array

Secure Storage for Data in Motion

Transfer mass amounts of data in days, not weeks.

Mass-Capacity Edge Storage That’s up to the Task

Lyve® Mobile Array puts mass data in motion from edge to cloud. Designed for edge storage applications, this portable, rackable solution easily integrates into any data management workflow for versatile, high-capacity, and high-performance data transfers. With industry-standard AES 256-bit hardware encryption and key management in a rugged, lockable transport case, this device provides superior transport and security for your data.

High Capacity & Speed

Store mass data with up to 122TB in a single array (available in HDD, SSD, and NVMe) and achieve high performance transfer speeds via Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, or PCIe.


Automate your workflow with versatile interfaces and a ready-to-use storage array.

Flexible Subscription

Efficient subscription service model transforms data storage from a CapEx to an OpEx.

Always Ready

This edge storage solution is non-labor intensive and ready for use at the edge, office, and data center.


World-Class Security

Lyve Mobile adheres to the most stringent, globally recognized data security standards and is SOC 2 certified. No matter the environment or endpoint device, Lyve Mobile accelerates data transfers to any landing destination, and does so securely thanks to ruggedized enclosures, online/offline user management and permissions, Seagate Secure™ technology, and government-grade crypto erase for completed projects.

Data Transfer on Your Terms

Easily move high volumes of data across your enterprise in a fast and secure manner.

With Lyve Mobile Array, you’re in control of your data’s movement. Transport data from edge to cloud and everything in between.

High-performance data transfer and a secure, ruggedized transport case accelerate time to insights by skirting poor network connectivity and bandwidth issues.


Lyve Mobile Array

Edge Storage

Securely store and aggregate mass data at the edge with this high-performance storage solution.
Lyve Mobile Array

Data Transport

Transport data without network dependencies, store it securely where it is created, and ensure its physical protection with a ruggedized, lockable case that's been tested against military standards.
Lyve Mobile Array

Workflow Management

Lyve Mobile Array was purpose-built for edge-to-cloud mass-data workflows-even in mobile applications. Store, consolidate, and distribute your business data to where it has the most value.
Lyve Mobile Cloud Import

Cloud Import Made Easy

With Lyve Mobile cloud import, our team helps your team quickly and easily transfer data from any endpoint, edge, or core location to your cloud of choice, including multicloud platforms.

Trusted Data Protection

Safeguard your data with Seagate Secure™, offering hardware encryption for data at rest and in motion and user management to unlock the device and manage unique encryption keys.

Use Lyve Client software to unlock your Lyve Mobile Array and manage your Lyve Mobile storage devices and encryption to benefit from an automated data workflow.

Features include:

  • Defined user-access permissions when managing subscription service

  • Unlock and data access per Lyve Mobile storage device

  • Industry-standard AES-based hardware encryption

  • All data rendered unreadable via cryptographic erase

  • Automatic device locking when powered down or disconnected

  • Military-grade ruggedization for secure transport by ground, air, or boat

Unlock Lyve Mobile Array in Any Situation

Thanks to an offline token management system, authorized users can lock and unlock Lyve Mobile Array seamlessly—without compromising IT security protocols—whether they’re off-grid or in an air-gap-secure data center. Here’s how it works:

In Lyve Client, select the devices you wish to unlock, then generate and download a Lyve token file onto your laptop. Connect your laptop to Mobile Array via USB or Thunderbolt 3 and import the token. The device will unlock within a few seconds—no internet or local network access required.

If Lyve Mobile Array is used with the rackmount receiver or PCIe adapter, connect Padlock using the ethernet port. Download the token from Lyve Client to a thumb drive. Plug the thumb drive into Mobile Array. It will unlock within a few seconds.


Data Transfer Time Savings Calculator

Moving edge data to the cloud or a datacenter? Use this tool to see how much time you could save using Lyve Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lyve Mobile

No. Lyve Mobile’s subscription-based approach provides a scalable and predictable model that is purposefully designed to help you reduce upfront IT costs and bring greater flexibility to your day-to-day business operations.

Once you create an account at, simply assign a product user to your project. If that’s you, use your product user credentials to assign yourself to the project. The assigned user will then receive an email invitation to the Lyve Management Portal and a link to download Lyve Client software, which is required to unlock devices. The product user provisioning (through KMS) authorizes the username and password associated with the project and the device specified. Once Client is downloaded, product users can log into the device through Client and the device will be automatically detected and appear on the dashboard.

Data security is always top of mind for us. That’s why Lyve Mobile shuttles include self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for data encryption as well as government-grade crypto erase for completed projects. Additionally, they’re built with online/offline user management with IT admin permissions, field user permissions, and remote field permission applications. As for physical transport, they include a mil-grade Pelican case featuring a lock, tamper-resistant screws, and tamper-evident sticker seals.

Companies from an array of industries use Lyve Mobile, including automotive, geosciences, oil and gas, and more. Typically, these companies fall into one of the following categories: They require weekly data shuttling for ongoing data sharing, or, they need to transfer large data archives from edge locations and therefore require high-capacity lift-and-shift solutions.

We offer capacities ranging from 8TB up to 96TB. Depending on your use case, environment, and the amount of data you need to move, we’ve got both HDD and SSD options.

Creating an account with Lyve Management Portal allows you to manage your projects, users, and billing in a centralized place. This account is also required to lock and unlock your device for use.

A business account allows you to create projects for your own company while a reseller or solution provider account allows you to create projects on behalf of your customer.

We offer both project-based and annual plans. Project-based plans start as low as $320 per month for a 16TB HDD shuttle. Annual plans provide up to 8% cost savings on your overall order.

Currently, Lyve Mobile is available in the U.S., UK and select EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Visit to choose your plan and create your company and user profile. From there, you can create a project, order your devices, and manage product users.

Once you’ve created an account, manage users through the home dashboard, project tab, or user tab at the top of the page. You can add users before or after creating projects and assign them to projects as needed.

Lyve Mobile

Data Transfer as a Service

Move mass data in days, not weeks, with self-service subscription-based transfers.

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