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Deploy cost effective storage and data workflow solutions at the edge.

What is Storage at the Edge?

The edge is where the physical meets the digital—where real-time data is received, processed, generated, consumed, and transferred between applications and users or systems. With more applications moving to the cloud at breakneck speeds, it’s become increasingly important to improve performance and reduce operational costs—this can be done when solutions are located at the edge.

Traditional IT infrastructure had centralized resources in data centers that required data exchanged at the edge to travel to the core for processing. Latency and bandwidth are the main problems that arise with this approach, especially when managing large amounts of data. Edge infrastructure can alleviate these obstacles by distributing computing and storage resources closer to the micro, metro, and macro edge locations where data is generated and consumed.

The Seagate Advantage for Edge Storage

Seagate provides edge storage solutions that put you in control of how and when to store and analyze data—where it’s created and consumed—in order to deliver fast, simple, secure, and streamlined data workflow, accelerating time to insight.

Extend Your Cloud to the Edge

Overcome the barriers of data gravity—store your data closer to their sources at the edge to reduce latency and the cost of bandwidth.

Predictable Economics

With simple pricing and zero add-on charges or egress fees, you’ll never be surprised by your bill again.

Mass-Capacity Data Transfer

Quickly move large data sets from edge to core to cloud for faster time to insights.

Data Security You Can Trust

Safeguard your data with ransomware protection, enterprise-grade identity management support, automatic data replication, and data encryption at rest and in flight.

Cloud Storage at the Metro Edge

S3 object storage as a service, available at the metro edge.

Mass-Capacity Edge Data Transfer

The right-sized approach to any data transfer.

Cloud Storage at the Metro Edge

S3 object storage as a service, available at the metro edge.

Your Cloud, Your Way

Introducing a new approach to cloud storage. Lyve™ Cloud from Seagate® is your simple, trusted, and efficient storage as a service, available at the metro edge. Long-term cost predictability means you’ll never be surprised by your cloud bill. Put your data to work with always-on availability, world-class security, and cloud flexibility from the global leader in data management.

Mass-Capacity Edge Data Transfer

The right-sized approach to any data transfer.

Transfer Mass Data on Your Terms

Lyve™ Mobile Services put you in control of how and when you move mass-capacity data. No network connectivity? No problem. Our vendor-agnostic solution works with private-, public-, or hybrid-cloud environments to deliver fast, simple, and secure edge storage and data transfers that accelerate time to insights. With Seagate’s flexible and efficient subscription model, you pay only for the Lyve Mobile systems you need—when you need them.


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