Open Source at Seagate

The future is open. Join us as we explore the future of data.

Open Source at Seagate

Fulfilling the promises of the data revolution requires open and global innovation. Seagate is teaming up with its partners in the global community to explore the science of storage and the future of data. With our open initiatives, we are committed to an open future.

Meet our Partners and Collaborators.

The Future is Open. Seagate is, too.

Fulfilling the promises of the data revolution requires open and global innovation. From partnering with research consortia to develop new open technologies, to contributing back into essential open-source projects, and to releasing Seagate-developed tools to the global community, Seagate is committed to an open future.

Collaborative Research
IO-SEA Project

Exploring novel data management and storage platform for exascale computing.

Diagnostic Tools

A collection of comprehensive, easy-to-use command line diagnostic tools and programming libraries for storage devices that help you quickly determine the health and status of your drives.

Open-Source Partnerships
Open Titan

Seagate is proud to be contributing to OpenTitan, a project dedicated to the creation of a transparent, high-quality reference design for Root of Trust chips.

Pushing the boundaries of Mass Capacity Object Storage

With our partners in the EU and globally, CORTX is a research project Seagate has undertaken into making distributed object storage efficient, economical, and effective at scale. With an emphasis on HPC and high HDD-utilization, CORTX is an exploration of adapting object storage to meet the demands of the next generation of data.

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