Enterprise Solutions

Seagate Technology Alliance Program

Together, we can drive innovative enterprise storage solutions and best-in-class value for customers.

Partner Program Benefits

Specially designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) and independent hardware vendors (IHVs), the Seagate® Technology Alliance Program enables partners to test, validate, market, and sell complementary solutions with our enterprise system products.

Build with Innovation

Validate your solution with Seagate hardware platforms to instill customer confidence in your product’s compatibility and integrated support.

Go to Market Together

Promote your solution in partnership with Seagate through co-branded collateral, strategic marketing campaigns, and well-attended industry events.

Expand Your Growth

Reach new customers and markets by offering your solution through Seagate’s value-added reseller (VAR) partners and worldwide sales teams.

Optimize Your Cloud Solution

Lyve Cloud is Seagate’s answer to scalable, cost-effective object storage—and it’s made even better through strategic partnerships. Get Lyve Cloud certified and together we'll help enterprises thrive.

Meet our Trusted Partners

Seagate collaborates with leading-edge industry partners to solve big data challenges through innovative enterprise storage solutions.

Become a Partner

Lyve Cloud Self-Certification Program

As a partner, you’ll have the opportunities to grow your customer base when Lyve Cloud customers are exposed to your product.