Automotive Data Solutions

Seamless orchestration—from endpoint, to the edge, to the cloud.

The Seagate Advantage for Autonomous Vehicles

Expand Endpoint Capacity

With high-capacity, modular storage cartridges from Seagate, easily capture massive amounts of data created by autonomous cars.

Orchestrate Data Flow at the Edge

Our modular data transport system pairs with Renovo’s Insight data management platform to make moving AV data to the cloud easier, faster, and more secure.

Deploy Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Turn data into actionable insights and value with our S3 compatible, exabyte-scale cloud architecture to help you consolidate your data sets for the lowest possible TCO.

Rethink Automotive Data Storage.

Seagate equips you with massive in-vehicle storage capacity, modular edge solutions that offload data with agility, and affordable, secure cloud architecture.

Meet our trusted partners.

By teaming up with the auto industry’s best and brightest, we’re able to engineer solutions that add value to your world.

“We're doing a tremendous amount of processing with edge nodes—and need to read, process, and write data back as quickly as we can. We work closely with Seagate so that storage infrastructure is never the bottleneck.”

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Christopher Heiser
Co-Founder and CEO, Renovo
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Future-Proof Your Storage

Understand the value and efficiency of a modern infrastructure for data growth across hybrid, edge, and cloud ecosystems.

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