Lyve Managed Migration

Data Migration and Digitization

Take the guesswork out of data placement with fully managed migration services.

Tap into Your Data’s Full Potential

Access and activate legacy content more efficiently with Lyve™ Managed Migration services. Designed for use with Lyve products and services, Managed Migration services help enterprises maximize their data’s potential globally and in real time with data migration, media migration, and digitization. Discover new revenue streams and business opportunities, meet compliance requirements with ease, and never worry about physical storage fees or technology upgrades again.

Anytime Data Access

Eliminate data silos and make analog data, backups, and data archives securely available anytime from anywhere.

New Revenue Streams

Transform cold data from a cost center to a profit center by making legacy content available to innovative tools and applications in the cloud.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Abandon physical storage fees and regular technology upgrades with low-cost cloud options while improving compliance and governance.

Full-Service Flexibility

Get support for any record, format, media, or size. Managed Migration is designed to integrate into existing data management workflows.


Putting Cold Data to Work

Discover new insights and revenue streams with secure, efficient, and effective data migration.


The World Needs More Data

Data can solve humanity’s most pressing challenges. But how many answers are locked away in physical archives?

Do More with Legacy Backup Data

Modernize your backups with an always-on cloud storage repository.

Migrate Backups Stored on Legacy Tape Media

Eliminate ongoing tape migration challenges, enhance access, and improve security for compliance.

Digitize Your Library of Media Assets

Digitize, restore, and manage media assets in the cloud so you can maximize their value.

Security Certifications

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